Each FoodieCard deals out $10 off
at your Favorite Local Eateries!



From Fine & Casual Dining to The Best Trendy
Hot Spots Around!



What are FoodieCards?

FoodieCards feature over 54 of the best local restaurants around.  Each one is represented by a different card in your Foodie Deck!

The best part is that FoodieCards are a playable deck of cards. Challenge your friends to a sizzling game of war, then enjoy dining at the best places in the city.

Each card in the deck is a coupon worth $10 off your order.*  That’s a $540 value!

Great For Fundraising?

FoodieCards are a great way for schools, sports teams, church groups and organizations to raise money for their causes!

We have a simple fundraising options for  groups and organizations.

To get  more information about FoodieCards Fundraising options click HERE.


Corporate Incentives

FoodieCards are great as corporate gifts and incentives! FoodieCards are fun!
Decks can be branded with your company logo with larger orders of 500 or more.

Get more info about our corporate packages HERE.

Make Money

Do you love your city, love new adventures and want to make money?  Then the FoodieCards City Manager program is for you.

We’re expanding FoodieCards across the country and are looking for entrepreneurs who want to be at the beginning of the next big thing.

Find out more about our business opportunities HERE.




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